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Research Projects

  •  Optimal Design of Anti-Vortex Plates
  •  Long-Shore Sediment Transport Rate Estimation Using Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks
  •  Critical Submergence of Intakes Using Anti-Vortex Plates
  •  Numerical and Experimental Modeling of Two-Phase Air-Water Flow in Long Water Tunnels
  •  Oblique and Lateral Weirs Equations Using Experimental Data and Incomplete Self Similarity
  •  Free Water Surface Oscillation in a Closed Basin with Internal Barriers
  •  Dam Break Modeling
  •  Scouring in Rivers and Coastal Engineering
  •  Hydraulics of Subsurface Weirs
  •  Risk Analysis in Hydraulic Structures
  •  Partial Reduction of Hydraulic Jump in Irrigation and Drainage Systems
  •  Design and Analysis of New Dissipater Namely Grating- Netting Dissipator
  •  Design and Analysis of Piano-Key Weir as an Economic and Efficient Hydraulic Structure
  •  Turbulent Characteristics of Flow During Transition from Super- to Subcritical, without Hydraulic Jump
  •  Effect of Piano-Key Inlet on Hydraulics of Flow through Shaft Spillways
  •  Hydraulics of Flow over the Rubber Dams

تحت نظارت وف ایرانی

Research Projects | Dr. Abdorreza Kabiri Samani


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تحت نظارت وف ایرانی